Concordia University logoProf. Dr. Raye Kass, Professor of Applied Human Sciences at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, currently spearheads group theory courses in both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Concordia UniversityKnown for her contemporary, cutting edge, and timely research style and results, Dr. Kass has been highlighted frequently by both national and international press agencies for both her space sciences and group theory research. Dr. Kass has also been invited to be involved in numerous space research projects in conjunction with the Canadian Space Agency and NASA, including the Psychological Experiment / Training Programme for the CAPSULS Mission held in Canada, the SFINCCS mission held in Russia, and the NSBRI (National Space Biomedical Research Institute) Ground-based Research Project with the NASA Ames Research Centre in the USA.

Dr. Kass is the author of “Theories of Small Group Development”, as well as the co-author of three other books on group theory. She has also published over 80 scholarly works, including refereed chapters in a book, book reviews, refereed journals, non-print publications, unpublished manuscripts, reports and studies, research proposals, and refereed conference presentations.