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  • One-way ticket to Mars

    Concordia professor describes her work is on the Mars One Project

    Posted on May 22, 2013, Source: Concordia University News

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    How many people would volunteer for a one-way ticket to Mars? The answer may surprise you. More than 78, 000 people worldwide have volunteered to participate in the Mars One Project that aims to put a human settlement on the Red Planet by 2023.

  • The right stuff

    Professor Raye Kass draws up selection criteria for first manned mission to Mars

    Posted on January 29, 2013, Concordia University News, By: Tom Peacock

    mars one

    The founders of the Mars One Project, Bas Lansdorp and Arno Wielders, want to establish a human settlement on the planet Mars. Using private funding and the revenues generated by a “global media event” they hope to begin sending